Our success story

Tyres, wheels and mounted wheels since 1970

40 years of Interpneu

In 1970 joint procurement of goods was a great competitive advantage for the ten existing tyre service subsidiaries. Through contacts abroad tyres could be imported at low cost. As a result entire wagons were ordered for all branches. In order to process these transactions Pneuhage owner Karl-Heinz Schütterle then founded the company Interpneu.
The core business in the beginning, however, was the introduction of different exclusive secondary brands of tyre manufacturers on the German market in addition to the importing of tyres. In the beginning Interpneu as a wholesaler focused mainly on business with large supermarket chains. With a field service team the distribution of exclusive brands and wholesale purchases was extended to other tyre dealers. In the past it only took a couple of truck loads to deliver to customers on a weekly basis. Today, more than 15,000 customers shop at Interpneu and are delivered each day from the tyre central warehouse in Speyer, the alloy wheels warehouse in Karlsruhe and the truck tyre warehouse in Nossen.

Interpneu – the alloy wheels pioneer

First alloy wheel in 1971

In 1971 one of the first alloy wheels in Germany was showcased by Herbert Stier who was head of sales at the time. Already in 1975 Interpneu placed alloy wheels on its permanent supply list.  


Later, Herbert Stier as manager continuously expanded the wheels assortment and the company brand Platin. Interpneu became a full assortment provider. In the meantime spoilers, seats, steering wheels and motor oils have been added to the assortment, however, concentration was placed on our core business of tyres, wheels and mounted wheels – with success!

PLATIN – the success brand

Establishing new tyre brands cost a lot of time and effort for Interpneu with each new venture. And when the business finally started to run well, the ensured exclusiveness was often already no longer guaranteed. The only solution was to create a company-own brand. In 1987, the first PLATIN tyres came onto the market, in 1991, the first alloy wheels were shipped in elegant black cartons. Today, PLATIN as the only wheels AND tyre brand is the most successful brand on the market. The Platin mounted wheel program convinces customers.

The company history of Interpneu at a glance

6 Oct 1970

Founding of the Interpneu GmbH as a wholesale company


Alloy wheels are added to the assortment


The first big trade fair participation at the Automechanika in Frankfurt

From 1983 until 1984

New construction of warehouse and office building at the company headquarters in Karlsruhe


Introduction of the tyre brand Platin


Founding of Interpneu Berlin


Expansion to utility vehicles sector in Nossen


Platin alloy wheels are introduced for the first time on the market

From 1997 until 1999

Construction of a new tyre warehouse in Karlsruhe

From 2006 until 2008

Construction of the tyre central warehouse in Speyer


Expansion of the wheels central warehouse and the mounted wheel assembly in Karlsruhe


40 years of Interpneu. Mr. Schütterle celebrates the company's success with his employees in the tyre central warehouse in Speyer.


The brand Platin receives its own web presentation in summer with comprehensive information and innovative design configurator as an information portal for retail and end customers.