Our locations

Interpneu operates sites throughout Germany for distribution and service.

The size of our company offers you a complete range of items and comprehensive service – and is the result of satisfied customers.

Company headquarters

The Interpneu company headquarters with Administration, Distribution and Service Centre is located in Karlsruhe/Germany.

Logistics centre for alloy wheels

The alloy wheels central warehouse with a capacity of 250,000 alloy wheels and the mounted wheel assembly is located at the headquarters in Karlsruhe.

Logistics centre for car tyres

Our modern tyre central warehouse with a capacity of 1,250,000 tyres is conveniently situated in Speyer.

Logistics centre for utility vehicle tyres

The tyre centre for truck and utility vehicles is located in Nossen.

Distribution office

Another distribution office (on the 9th floor) is located in Berlin.





Company centre in Karlsruhe/Germany


Picture gallery for the Karlsruhe location


Picture gallery for the Speyer location


Picture gallery for the Nossen location


Distribution office in Berlin