TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

The issue of TPMS has become an important one in the tyre industry, and for some dealers it presents a major challenge.

On 1 November 2014, part 2 of EU Regulation 661/2009 comes into force. This new legislation requires all newly registered vehicles in category M1 (cars, off-road vehicles and motor homes) to be fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system to ECE-R64.

We have been carefully following this issue and today we would like to explain how we can help you approach TPMS with confidence.



    There are different types of sensor that can be installed in a vehicle.

    We use OE sensors from manufacturers Schrader, Huf Beru and VDO. The construction of the OE sensor is identical to that of the sensor used in the original equipment. The software protocol of the corresponding vehicle is already installed.

    In cases where OE manufacturers only collaborate with automotive suppliers (e.g. TRW or Pacific) or no OE sensor is available, we offer universal sensors from manufacturers Alligator (Sens It), Schrader (EZ) and CUB. These consist of an empty sensor housing into which we can input a protocol for a particular vehicle. The sensor can then be handled like an OE sensor.

    It is important to check before ordering sensors that you have the right equipment (hardware) to calibrate the sensors on the vehicle. It is therefore essential to have a suitable diagnostic tool!


We won't let you down - our TPMS service exclusively for you::


    • An update covering TPMS is now available for our wheel configurator to make the ordering process easy.


    • Both separate wheels and mounted wheels including TPMS sensors can be ordered with the wheel configurator.


    • If you opt for universal sensors, we will pre-program them as standard and free of charge for the appropriate vehicle. It is important that you provide the exact vehicle details (make, model, type and year of construction).


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