Interpneu: quicker, easier, user friendlier.

More than 4,000,000 combinations

In the Interpneu wheel configurator there are more than 4 million possible combinations available. Check your desired combination for feasibility and availability.

We speak your customer's language

Use the wheel configurator as a customer consulting tool. In order to break down language barriers the configurator is available in ten different languages.

You pick the vehicle

Pick the vehicle via the dialogue or with the data of the vehicle ownership certificate or the vehicle registration certificate.

Start by choosing the wheels

Choose between alloy or steel wheels and additional tailoring options. The selection display can be sorted according to manufacturer or price.

Wheel information at a glance

The wheel desired is displayed in different views with all technical data, certificates, availability and suggested retail price.

The matching tyre makes the wheel

Matching to the car make and to the wheel selection the configurator lists the tyre combinations possible.

We add to your profile

The tread image, availability, and the suggested retail price of the selected tyres are displayed.

Everything at a glance

Your wheel combination is conveniently displayed to you and can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Customer service also after your purchase

In our expert opinion database you can find all of the certificates and general operating permits (ABEs) available on our wheels - also products out of stock can be called up as a PDF for your customer support.

  • Interpneu: quicker, easier, user friendlier.

  • Wheels | tyres | mounted wheels - more than 4,000,000 combinations

  • We speak your customer's language

  • You pick the vehicle

  • Start by choosing the wheels

  • Wheel information at a glance

  • The matching tyre makes the wheel

  • We add to your profile

  • Everything at a glance

  • Customer service also after your purchase

Interpneu wheel configurator

Wheels, tyres, mounted wheels advisory tool

The new wheel configurator is your comprehensive research and support tool to find the right wheels, wheels and tyres for your vehicle. Display all applicable wheels with the corresponding certificate or the general operating permit (ABE) for the vehicle selected and view all of the important data on the products at a glance. With the Interpneu tyres and wheels advisory tool you have free access to all certificates on wheels available as a PDF download. The continuously updated availability indicator of tyres and wheels allows you to keep your deadlines. Save your wheel selection with all relevant product and vehicle data as a PDF with allocation to the customer vehicle for consultative support or to prepare offers.

Choosing the right wheels is influenced by several factors:

  • Which wheels (with certificate) fit the vehicle?
  • Do the wheels have a general operating permit (ABE)?
  • Which tyre sizes can be mounted?
  • Is the load index sufficient?
  • Is the required speed index available?
  • Do the wheels have snow chain clearance?
  • Which wheels and tyres are immediately available?
  • What does the wheel-tyre combination cost?

The new tyre advisory system for all vehicles

We want that you are able to make the right decision with your customers quickly and confidently. The wheel configurator is updated daily and continuously developed in close coordination with our customers. Our comprehensive support tool offers additional comfort features such as wheels selection according to colour groups (e.g. black or silver) and surfaces (e.g. painted or polished), the direct tyre selection irrespective of the vehicle and additional practical functions such as displaying of COC data (standard tyres) and any retrofitted tyres, testing of the axle loads, load and speed index and much more.

Interpneu wheel configurator: Quicker, simpler, with more support.

Interpneu Service

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