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Global Rubber Industries (GRI) is one of the leading manufacturers of solid rubber industrial tyres and is headquartered in Sri Lanka. Since 2002 GRI has been supplying tyres both as original equipment and to the replacement market in more than 50 countries worldwide. The tyres from Global Rubber Industries are produced from high-quality mixtures of natural rubber. Sri Lanka is the biggest producer worldwide of solid rubber tyres, with a market share of around 60%. In the plant in Sri Lanka tyres are produced for the world market using modern production procedures in compliance with the most stringent quality requirements.

GRI has been certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Successfully tested

The tyres have proven their worth in a wide variety of usage situations: the paper industry, the construction materials trade, logistics for beverages and automotive suppliers. Technicians from Global Rubber Industries are regularly on site to monitor the performance of the product in actual practice. The aim is the continuous further development of the products for the European market.

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Premium 3-layer solid rubber tyres

Ultimate XT is the premium 3-layer solid rubber tyre from Global Rubber Industries. As a premium product, Ultimate XT is suitable for use in multi-shift operation in demanding situations.

The right forklift tyre for the job

The choice of tyres for industrial trucks has been especially finely matched and the gross yield of goods optimised with the three brands ULTMATE XT, PEAKMASTER and GLOBE STAR.
We can offer non-marking tyres at an especially attractive price-performance ratio.