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Your wholesaler for tyres, wheels and mounted wheels

For more than 50 years everything in Interpneu tyre wholesaling has revolved around tyres, wheels and service. In its capacity as an internationally active wholesaler for the car and commercial vehicle sector, Interpneu belongs to the strongest and most innovative vendors in this sector. Our range of products is aimed at dealers and commercial customers.

As an independent trading company, Interpneu offers a full portfolio of products in all relevant product categories, from the premium to the budget segments.

Regardless of whether it involves cars, transporters or motorcycles, trucks, forklifts, tractors or large items of construction machinery; our highly qualified team can advise you and deliver the matching products. Tyres, wheels and mounted wheels can be delivered from stock within 24-72 hours. The mounted wheel service covers in addition to the car sector mounted wheels for industrial vehicles and excavators. Our strong own brands and interesting exclusive brands for cars and commercial vehicles underscore the capabilities of our company. Our qualified service centre for Germany, the international sector and the comprehensive commercial vehicle sector, plus the well-stocked dealer online shop with a constant reporting of inventory in the three big logistics centres of Karlsruhe, Speyer and Nossen, all ensure convenient purchasing and fast, competent service.

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24-72 hour delivery service

Our state-of-the-art logistics and large stocks in our central warehouses ensure smooth and trouble-free purchasing even in the busy season. Within Germany, we offer our customers a 24-hour delivery service, enabling them to respond quickly to their customers' requests. To all other European countries, we ensure deliveries within 24 to 72 hours depending on distance.

Perfectly sorted
Perfectly sorted

Brand, size, price segment? Available!

The Interpneu range of products is unbeatable. To put this in figures: around 1.3 million consumer tyres, around 15,000 commercial vehicle tyres and more than 200,000 aluminium wheels are available on call at the three logistics centres.


Capable consulting and service
Capable consulting and service

International capabilities in tyres, wheels and mounted wheels

Our product specialists in the three sales offices can help you personally on the telephone. Trained and highly committed consultants provide manufacturer-independent and professional support when it comes to product questions and orders. Our technical consultants have an international orientation and advise customers throughout the whole of Europe in a variety of languages.

Complete benefits
Complete benefits

Free mounting

Interpneu offers you mounted wheels without mounting costs. You have no costs for mounting and you also save time. Trained specialists mount your wheels, also on run-flat certified mounting lines. We can deliver premounted mounted wheels within Germany within 24 hours.

A big deal
A big deal

The full range for commercial vehicles

As a highly capable full range provider in the commercial vehicle sector, the industrial tyres of the Ultimate XT, Peakmaster and The Performer brands are available exclusively from us within Germany.

Also the proven tractor tyres of the Starmaxx brand can be obtained in Germany exclusively from Interpneu. The Kormoran, Maxam and Westlake brands round out our exclusive offerings, in addition to many other well-known and popular brands.

Purchasing at any time
Purchasing at any time

The new dealer online shop

Make use of the options in our online tools such as the TPMS wheel configurator and the dealer online shop to ease your hectic day to day business.

Quality as a matter of conviction

Quality as a matter of conviction

Interpneu Handelsgesellschaft mbH makes use of a quality management system that has been confirmed by the TÜV CERT certification institute.

Become a customer

Become a customer

We look forward to seeing you

As a registered customer you get access to our online shop and can query the inventory of tyres and wheels, place orders and be notified of all Interpneu service offers.

The EU energy label for tyres

The new EU tyre label helps consumers to decide in favour of a higher fuel efficiency class for their tyres. This can contribute to large reductions in running costs and emissions. Enhanced wet grip means greater road safety, and details of external rolling noise contributes to a reduction in traffic noise levels. 

The actual fuel savings and road safety depend heavily on the behaviour of drivers, and in particular on the following:

  • Eco-driving can significantly reduce fuel consumption
  • Tyre pressure needs to be regularly checked to optimise fuel efficiency and wet grip.
  • Stopping distances must always be respected.

Fuel efficiency class

Less rolling noise saves fuel and cuts CO2. This property is assigned to classes A to E.

Wet grip class

Wet grip is assigned to classes A to E. Wet grip is crucial to safe driving. For instance, the difference between class A and class E braking distances is 18 m.

External rolling noise class

The label presents the volume in dB and the class A (quieter), B, or C (louder). The noise emitted by tyres affects the total noise levels emitted by the vehicle.

Snow grip

The snowflake symbol confirms that the snow tested tyre keeps within the 3PMSF limits (type approval).