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Earthmoving machinery tyres

We carry a selected range of earthmoving machinery tyres for vehicles such as excavators, wheel loaders, telehoist load luggers and mobile cranes. We would be happy to quote as required with up to date prices for any items that are not in stock.

In addition to premium makes we can also interesting products from the middle and lower price segments.


Our services for you

Expert consulting

Our customers have access to expert consulting through our product specialists if they require this and in this way they can provide especially capable consulting for their own customers.


We can ensure a very high level of availability from stock for our core range of tyres for small items of earthmoving machinery, such as for excavators, wheel loaders and telehoist load luggers. In addition, we work closely with our suppliers so as to be able to meet customer requirements at short notice. We can offer tyres for larger items of earthmoving machinery, such as dump trucks and skip trucks, at prices that are updated daily in cooperation with our suppliers.


You can place an order in various ways. In business hours you can reach our well-trained call centre staff by telephone. Our dealer Webshop is available around the clock if you want to place an order.

Carriage-paid delivery

We can deliver carriage paid to within mainland Germany for orders of more than 2 tyres. We would be glad to give our international customers on request a freight-optimized quotation.


We deliver the ordered tyres within Germany within 24 to 48 hours via our logistics partners when using standard shipping. More than 90% of the shipments reach the recipient within 24 hours. If it is especially urgent or if you must meet a deadline without fail then you can make use of our express shipping services.


Your contact

International sales

+49 721 61 88-111

Personal consulting

08:00 – 18:00

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The EU energy label for tyres

The new EU tyre label helps consumers to decide in favour of a higher fuel efficiency class for their tyres. This can contribute to large reductions in running costs and emissions. Enhanced wet grip means greater road safety, and details of external rolling noise contributes to a reduction in traffic noise levels. 

The actual fuel savings and road safety depend heavily on the behaviour of drivers, and in particular on the following:

  • Eco-driving can significantly reduce fuel consumption
  • Tyre pressure needs to be regularly checked to optimise fuel efficiency and wet grip.
  • Stopping distances must always be respected.

Fuel efficiency class

Less rolling noise saves fuel and cuts CO2. This property is assigned to classes A to E.

Wet grip class

Wet grip is assigned to classes A to E. Wet grip is crucial to safe driving. For instance, the difference between class A and class E braking distances is 18 m.

External rolling noise class

The label presents the volume in dB and the class A (quieter), B, or C (louder). The noise emitted by tyres affects the total noise levels emitted by the vehicle.

Snow grip

The snowflake symbol confirms that the snow tested tyre keeps within the 3PMSF limits (type approval).