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Live online shop - wheel configurator - ABE and certification - TPMS research, and much more.

The Interpneu dealer online shop - the current availability data around the clock.

Interpneu knows just what to do when it comes to hectic day to day business.
Quick access to the required products, easy ordering, consulting functions for the end customer and assured technical information for the right choice of product. The Interpneu online shop with its expanded functions supports you every day in your business.
Simply register as a customer and you have free access to all the shop functions.

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The Interpneu dealer online shop

The new and greatly expanded dealer online shop offers you a choice from the entire product range of tyres, wheels and mounted wheels. In the online shop you can find all tyres, wheels and mounted wheels for cars, 4x4s, SUVs and vans, together with truck, forklift, earthmoving machinery, tractor and industrial tyres, motorcycle tyres, tubes, belts and accessories.

Optimized product searching, intuitive operator guidance, more information and choice

  • Simple vehicle and wheel searching
  • New and simplified full text search for tyres and wheels
  • Consulting screen: Show and hide dealer and customer prices
  • Product detailed view with illustrations
  • Simple mounted wheel combination in the online shop
  • Qualified selection of TPMS sensors
  • View of current inventory
  • Tracking of delivery status
  • Vehicle-specific data sheet with your wheel/tyre selection
  • Current special prices and special offers
  • Comprehensive download area with brochures and price lists
  • Access to all wheel and vehicle assignments
  • Certificates and ABE for downloading
Wheel configurator

Wheel configurator

Wheel and tyre consulting for all types of vehicles

We want you to be able to make the right decision with your customers quickly and without errors.
The wheel configurator is updated daily and is constantly being further developed in close cooperation with our customers. Our comprehensive consulting tool offers extended convenient features such as the choice of wheels by colour (e.g. black or silver) and surface type (e.g. painted or polished), direct tyre selection regardless of vehicle and additional practical functions such as displaying COC data (original tyres) and possible alternative tyres, checking by axle loads, load and speed index, and much more.

Even faster, even easier, even more security of consulting

  • Which wheel (with certificate) matches the vehicle?
  • Do the wheels have an ABE?
  • Which sizes of tyres can be mounted?
  • Is the load index adequate?
  • Is the required speed index available?
  • Can snow chains be used with the wheels?
  • Which wheels and tyres are available immediately?
  • How much does the wheel-tyre combination cost?
TPMS wheel configurator

TPMS wheel configurator

Always with the right sensor

Our well-known Interpneu wheel configurator has completely integrated the topic of "the right TPMS sensor" and makes the assignment and the ordering process as uncomplicated as possible for you.

Become a customer

Become a customer

We look forward to seeing you

As a registered customer you get access to our online shop and can query the inventory of tyres and wheels, place orders and be notified of all Interpneu service offers.

The EU energy label for tyres

The new EU tyre label helps consumers to decide in favour of a higher fuel efficiency class for their tyres. This can contribute to large reductions in running costs and emissions. Enhanced wet grip means greater road safety, and details of external rolling noise contributes to a reduction in traffic noise levels. 

The actual fuel savings and road safety depend heavily on the behaviour of drivers, and in particular on the following:

  • Eco-driving can significantly reduce fuel consumption
  • Tyre pressure needs to be regularly checked to optimise fuel efficiency and wet grip.
  • Stopping distances must always be respected.

Fuel efficiency class

Less rolling noise saves fuel and cuts CO2. This property is assigned to classes A to E.

Wet grip class

Wet grip is assigned to classes A to E. Wet grip is crucial to safe driving. For instance, the difference between class A and class E braking distances is 18 m.

External rolling noise class

The label presents the volume in dB and the class A (quieter), B, or C (louder). The noise emitted by tyres affects the total noise levels emitted by the vehicle.

Snow grip

The snowflake symbol confirms that the snow tested tyre keeps within the 3PMSF limits (type approval).